TCW EnergyMap

Would you like to know more about how your community uses energy? Or how much CO2 is attributable to different sectors and areas of your community?

The TCW EnergyMap is free to use and can help you understand the different types of energy used by different sectors, such as domestic or commercial, and it publishes the data as a map to make it easy to access and read.

So if you are a transition group who wants to prepare an energy descent plan, a Local Authority who wants to identify areas of fuel poverty or a councillor hoping to encourage awareness in your community, then the TCW Energy Map can be useful tool for you.

How does it work?

It works by accessing national data sets which are publicly available but not always easy to access. This includes meter data from utilities and deprivation indices from the office of national statistics, for example.

Data goes back as far as 2008 so you can see the trends in your community across time. You can also drill down from whole region down to street level, view this as a GIS Map or other formats.

To find out more about TCW EnergyMap why not have a play with it, or if you have any queries then please email us at

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