Other ways to give

Here are some other ways you can support us

Payroll Giving

Also known as Give As You Earn, allows you to donate to a charity through your salary. The donation is deducted by your Payroll Department before the tax is calculated, making your donation a tax efficient way of supporting our work.

As a basic rate tax payer, if you donate £10 per month, your gift will only cost you £8.00.[1] The Inland Revenue will add £2.00, at no extra cost to you! If you are a higher rate taxpayer then it will cost you even less. Click here for further information on tax relief.

In addition, some employers might offer a ‘match giving' scheme. This means they will match or in some cases double your gift at no extra cost to you.

Check with your payroll department to see if your company offers a Payroll Giving Scheme, then decide how much you would like to give each payday. Remember that the amount you pledge will include the amount the taxman will add.

Once your instruction has been set up, the acting Payroll Agency will forward us your monthly donations. On receipt of the first donation we will send you written confirmation to officially welcome you on board!

Donate your tax rebate

Did you know you can elect to donate all or part of any tax rebate you may receive from a self-assessment to a charity of your choice? Nominate The Converging World to receive your tax refund and you can help us create a cleaner, equitable and more sustainable world.

All you need to do is fill in the appropriate box on your self-assessment form with The Converging World’s unique registered number AAT64SG. Please do not write our name in this box.

In addition this money can be made as a Gift Aid donation. For example:If you are owed £100. The taxman will add £25. The Converging World will receive £125.

If you require more information on donating your tax rebate, please contact the Inland Revenue directly by phoning their charities helpline on 08453 020203 or email us at info@theconvergingworld.org.

[1] This example is based on July 2015 tax rates. These rates will be subject to change. 

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