Restoring the forest

Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF) is the indigenous forest of the coastal seaboard of South East India.

Over two hundred years ago the forest stretched over 1,000 km along the east coast into Tamil Nadu. Since then, the area has been severely deforested for its valuable wood by early colonists and later by local people. They left behind a severely eroded landscape, diminishing the watershed and soil; completely unable to support life. 

For the last 40 years a team at Auroville, near Pondicherry have been working to restore this landscape with some inspiring results. They have turned the dusty barren land into a vibrant forest of trees and shrubs. They have also created a nursery and ethno-medicinal garden to support local livelihoods and healthy communities. 

Pitchandikulam 1968 and today  

Speech bubbleInspired by what can be achieved, we have partnered with the same team to support eco-restoration in the Kaliveli Bioregion. Starting with reforestation in a place called Nadukuppam about 30km north of the original reforestation project.

The UN Committee on Climate Change and Reforestation said that we must accelerate reforestation to avoid catastrophic climate change and to achieve this will need civil society, the public and private to sector to act.

We invite you to join us on restoring one of the world’s uniquely important habitats, protecting it from extinction for future generations.


Thank you to Artists Project Earth for supporting this project. 

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