Carbon Credits

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We can provide you, your business or community with a carbon credit to balance your unavoidable carbon emissions. Through our wind farms in Tamil Nadu India, we have generated green kWh and UNFCCC certified carbon credits. The funds raised will not only support the wind farm but we will use them for reforestation, so your carbon credit will actually sequester more CO2, long into the future.  

Each credit represents one tonne of avoided carbon dioxide that would have been emitted if the power had been generated through India’s conventional coal-powered energy grid. When we set up this project, it was not financially viable without the carbon credit income to support it. Carbon credits are an incentive to invest in renewable energy where the rates of returns are not so high. This is known as the additionality clause. So carbon credit income helps to fund this wind farm supporting the decarbonisation of the electricity grid.  

You can buy our carbon credits to balance your own individual, community or businesses unavoidable carbon emissions, such as those that are incurred through travel. Moreover, we don’t stop there, the funds we raise through the sale of carbon credits will also support reforestation

Dr George McGavin recently visited the TCW supported the project, which shows more information about our charitable objectives and can be seen here .  

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Editors Note: It should be noted that wind farms are no longer eligible for carbon credits in India today as they are now considered to provide a better return on investment and therefore not ‘additional’

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