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Opportunity to join our extraordinary team

Mon, 09/04/2018
Chartered accountant with business management and development skills. 

60g of carbon film

Mon, 06/11/2017
Do you know how much carbon a one minute phone call is responsible for? And why carbon offsetting is one way to balance our emissions?  

Warning: it is not an excuse not to reduce your carbon footprint but an essential part of the mix. Click here to find out more. Thank you to ICON Films for making this film.

Film on reforestation: Thank you Dr George McGavin

Mon, 06/11/2017
Thank you to Dr George McGavin for volunteering his time to help make our film on the importance of reforestation. To see the film here .

Carbon offsetting with a difference

Tue, 10/10/2017
We can provide you, your business or community with a carbon credit to balance your unavoidable carbon emissions. Through our wind farms in Tamil Nadu India, we have generated green kWh and UNFCCC certified carbon credits. The funds raised will not only support the wind farm but we will use them for reforestation, so your carbon credit will actually sequester more CO2, long into the future. 

To find out more click here .

Chew Valley Forest Twinning Partnership

Thu, 22/12/2016
Following a presentation from Wendy (our CEO) to people in the Chew Valley (just outside Bristol) about the importance of reforestation, especially in the tropic, a small group of individuals have come together to form the Chew Valley Forest Twinning (CVFT) project. CVFT aims to engage more people in the Chew Valley to plant trees locally and for every one tree planted in the Chew Valley another will be planted in Tamil Nadu, India. CVFT has since been engaging with different organisations and the local youth including the Blagdon Beavers.

The gift that keeps on giving!

Mon, 19/12/2016
A gift that won't cost the earth and living legacy for your loved. By gifting a tree you are investing in every ones future. Including; a livelihood for the local Indian woman who will sell it to us, then plant it and maintain it for a year; the wildlife that need trees to flourish; all the locals that need its shade, medicines and fruits; and all of us that need more trees to absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere.

Restoring tropical forest can be as easy as riding a bike

Thu, 17/12/2015

We are very pleased to share that our CEO Wendy Stephenson successfully cycled from Bristol to Paris! There she joined with people from around the world who wanted to see real action on climate change at COP21. Well done Wendy! You can read about her journey on the live blog from our friends at Love The Future.

Join our spin bike challenge for reforestation

Thu, 19/11/2015

The challenge

Cycle 240 miles in one day on spin bikes at the gym. You will be part of a team that will aim to be first past the post, win a prize and support reforestation as a legacy for Bristol Green Capital 2015!

Lighting the lives of orphans in Mumbai

Thu, 12/11/2015

Solar power lights up the lives of orphaned girls, helps keep them safe and provides extra hours of study time to help them grow in confidence and independence. With thanks to The Marr-Munning Trust, Shambala, and Sunlit Future.

Padma is an amazing woman. Once a lawyer, she gave up her profession to rescue girls either in, or destined for the sex trade, in and around Mumbai. She started by bringing the girls home, sometimes housing more than 30 girls in her small one bedroom flat!

Turning Passion Against Climate Change to Pedal Power

Fri, 06/11/2015

At the end of November, our CEO Wendy Stephenson will be cycling from Bristol to Paris. She will be joining a group of Bristolians, Le COP Crusaders, who are determined to make their voices heard in Paris for COP21. As European Green Capital hosts, this group of riders want to demand action against climate change and take the city’s manifesto with them (transporting it carbon free of course!). The group of riders will set off from Bristol on 26th November and arrive on the 29th to join thousands in Paris for the global climate change march.

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